Like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat the World Wide Web has amazed it’s audience for years – and we all know – there is more and more to come! When you are right in the middle of it – it seems like a sloooow looong pull. But it has been moving at the speed of light – literally for quite some time. Whooosh – Facebook beats MySpace, YouTube plays every song online while Napster took the dirt nap – but it’s still around.

Billions of people will login, click, socialize, and eventually buy online. New currencies spring forth! New ways to communicate (communication is King) – and it all becomes more normal every day. In fact it’s actually passe, expected and terribly bothering at times. But – like a great love hate relationship – people keep coming back. And those who fall away are easily replaced. And guess what – they brought their interests, passions, desires and their wallets.