Hey – *is this a* **better** way of sending some data through an email over
to a webpage post? Or is this just the easiest way to create simple and
beautiful simple pages that are free from the hassles of coding in HTML? Or at least for the fast simple things?

What I want to do is to create a simple post that has some markup and flair
to it wit a few basics, and send it to **Wordpress though an eMail**. But
as I am doing this I am also seeing the power of simplicity brought to life!


1. Get some ideas flowing
2. Follow some very simple markup – er or should we say markdown rules
3. Take your markdown over to [Zapier](https://zapier.com/) and post it all
over the place for next to nothing.

The Markdown Guide can be found:

Since most writing is really devoid or absent from most html markup the
Markdown language allows you to keep on topic without getting overly
involved or worried how things are looking out of the gate.

With the right **text editor – like [Atom])** – it can be
very easy to see what the result are as you proceed. If most of what you are
doing is bold, italics, simple ordered or unordered lists, the occasional
horizontal rule. The Markdown can be a blessing!


Does Markdown allow you to insert images? – you just need to edit them in the text editor


![Cover From The Markdown Guide]



YES & YES again! – you just need to edit them in the text editor


This entire short page was created with Markdown – Thanks, [Matt Cone](