Domains and Hosting:

Let’s clear up some confusion right now.

Domains and Hosting are two separate items – just like socks and shoes. However – they are usually bundled or sold together as a package – unlike most socks and shoes.

So, what’s the difference? Lets find out.

Domains – Overview

 When you go to a website you either click on a link or enter the website name into your favorite browser’s address bar or even the search area. A website name is something like, or .

 This name is a domain name. It is the name of this website and it references this website online. You may also be used to seeing either www or http or even https as well, but for this discussion they are not too important. What is important is the .net part. It is the top level domain (TLD), like .com, .net, .gov and so on. The the list of the TLD’s is quite long today and spans many industries. A few to note are .casino, .cafe, and even .beer. But, let’s get back to the main part of the discussion.

Our name – – is also the friendly name for the site – one that is human understandable. You can purchase a domain name all by itself, but that is not what most people do. Think of a website name like a home or business address.

Hosting – Overview

Think of hosting as actual structure. Were you either live or where you were businesses. So the domain is the address, and the hosting is the actual location where all your data resides. There are plenty of companies that provide both. Service is for you. It’s easy to go ahead and find them. A simple Google search will alert you to whoever may be advertising that day. Certainly I have a preference, and I’ll share it with you. Now it’s a company called I Onus. That’s how I o a s and they’ve been serving me very well for the past several years. One of the great benefits that they have is that they provide email addresses as well as secured sites for little or no additional charges, where many other competitors feel free to go ahead and take more of your money just to provide the most basic of service is I own this also, as my recommendation does have support 24 hour support in English

So what does all this really mean to you? I mean, you’re trying to go ahead and start a business, promote a product, reach customers. Well, it’s commonplace to go ahead, go ahead and have a website online these days. That’s the understatement. So if you go ahead and get insight, what the heck are you gonna go ahead and do with it? If you’re not very technical, it’s gonna seem like a big uphill challenge to go ahead and create a website because there’s a lot to it. You may need a shopping cart. You may need a CEO. You may need coding. You may need to learn some CSS. You may need to learn some HTML. You’re gonna have to take pictures. You’re gonna have to create content. The list is a long list. I guarantee that one of the next things that you would want to consider be online, just happy. The website name and address is what to go ahead and put on it. This is where we start talking about things and premium things, and I’ll have more to say about that a little bit. But right now, let me just say that using premium themes with a company called D V is really the way to go ahead and proceed. Their stellar service, an excellent products, are certainly unsurpassed in today’s market. They offer a wide range of praising from yearly toe lifetime pricing, and the premium themes that they have are easy to use and even transferable if you choose to have one or more domain names.