Exhausted – 8 Brainstorming Steps For Creating a Niche Campaign

There comes a time an my day when all the energy has left the body, the mind moves on and thought of sleep or rest are not far away. But you persist. Tired and might you go on to create one more piece of content, research one more iota of evedince that will add aother grain of sand to your future beach. Some times necessary, sometimes misguided, but but always done. Five minutes turn into 35 and the thought of the pillow has left and newly found energy arises. But is there more?


The end of the internet – welcome – it’s just one click away. You are almost there – but wait – who created all this content? Documents, databases, videos, chats, ads – it’s vast – far and wide. Duplicated and unique. Trolly and outrageously in your face. A voice for anyone, everyone. Can it ever be exhausted? Need a 1967 Camaro Carburetor – that was way too easy.French newspapaers from 1939 – do you want to buy or just read. How to make chocolate truffes? I’m not even going to look that one up – I just know it’s there. OK – I looked it up – About 24,900,000 results (0.62 seconds) – maybe I should have asked it to narrow down on using heavy cream or not.

Why All the Hoo-Hoo

Aside from – http://hmpg.net/. There is am idea – a niche, a method, a project, a prospect that you can add to, add onto, improve, evolve, examine, endure , update or even revamp – all you need is the will – the time – the commitment – the passion – the drive – the Hoo-Hoo – and then you are off to the races.

Is it profitable?

Question 1 – does it matter to you if it’s profitable? Does it need to be montized? Should it be monitized – what are you trying to do?

Question 2 – Do you like what you are doing?

Question 3 – Are other people interested? Do a Google trend search and compare Affiliate Marketing to Ice Skating. You’ll see that affiliate marketing is about as popular as Ice Skating in July.

Question 4 – What else is out there right now?

Question 5 – How is the marketing on that product?

Question 6 – Is this a physical entity or a digital one or both? (like a Kayak and a how to Kayak Online Course)

Question 7 – How big is it?

Question 8 – Brainstorm more questions – this list is NOT EXHAUSTED.

Get in – get it on – turn the key – press the gas and got going. If I have one thing to say and learn and rinse and repeat it is the following: Completion Creates Motivation. It’s not the other way around. The 8 questions are not a golden key to the city – youse gotta do some of the work. And you won’t know what question 9 is until you start getting in there. So keep on pluggin away!