Let’s jump right in – we all know what email is. But do you know what email can do?

Sure – it’s a wonderful way to communicate with friends, family, your co-workers and so on – but it is one of the most powerful ways to get a lead! Let me say it again – it is one of the most powerful ways to get a lead!

Then keep the lead – your customer, and communicate with him or her to create a long term business relationship that is beneficial to you and the customer.

There are solutions to working with email – marketing and messaging – and the following illustrates some of what can be done with a tool called an autoresponder. They are great! Many offer free trials and are have affordable pricing.

One last tidbit – current estimates state that the return on investment for your email list is a ROI of 1 to 38, meaning that for every one dollar you put in, you should be able to get out 38 dollars.

An email autoresponder is a computer program designed to respond to emails automatically. It may be programmed to focus on specific topics delivering responses at predetermined intervals. The main objective of the tool is to transfer knowledge without promoting product directly.

As such, the marketer needs to strike a balance between developing a promotional copy and educating his subscribers. Marketers also use it to automate campaigns and manage one-on-one communication with their recipients. The idea is to address the needs of the subscriber while stressing the benefits of using his products or services.

The process begins when the online shopper, customer or other interested party subscribes to your email list. Some marketers also create lists specifically designed for those who want content. Once the autoresponder cycle is set up, messages are sent on a specific day to all your contacts on the subscription list.

Autoresponders are made up of two components:

The autoresponder: It represents the automated email marketing campaign that contains several messages sent to subscribers when specific actions are executed

Automation rules: These are set of situational actions you need to follow to determine when the autoresponder messages are required

Why Use an Email Autoresponder

Build Trust with Subscribers

Subscribers will receive in their mail boxes regularly. If the content is well-written the recipient looks forward to reading the emails, visiting your website and converting to a customer. This is because you have built trust with him.

Continuous marketing Without Hiring More Salespeople

The autoresponder allows you to send marketing messages to prospective customers on a regular basis. As such you don’t need to hire salespeople to prospective customers. It saves you cash and you are likely to get a higher return on investment compared to using conventional methods.

Ability to Evaluate Results

Email autoresponders are equipped with measuring devices that inform you about the location of the subscribers. Also, the marketer gets to find out messages that attract most readers and how they can curate future messages to attract more readers.

The settings also help marketers find out best time to send the messages to subscribers and identify new subscribers. Such results enable users to evaluate the results and take corrective actions to achieve specific marketing goals.

Ability to Generate Repeat Sales

Constant communication woos customers into making purchases frequently. It is because the automatic messaging system reminds customers to buy what they need regularly.

Generate Traffic to the Website

You can include a CTA in the system that directs readers to your website, blog, or video channel. All such platforms display information about your business and if selling products and services that people need then they will want to know how to buy them. You can use the autoresponder to direct the reader to the actual place he needs to buy the product or find additional information about his buying decision.

How to Write an Email Autoresponder

You can write fresh content for the email series or use material from your blog post. Here are three ways to help you create a steller email autoresponder:

Creating Fresh Content

If using this approach, you need to curate fresh content for the autoresponder. You may decide to use the content for your autoresponder subscriber list only. Such exclusivity entices readers which keeps them longing for more.

Take Advantage of an e-book

If you already have an e-book or an extensive post that guides you in a particular topic you can utilize it to create resourceful autoresponder. It saves you time spent curating content and money you would have used to hire people to execute the task.

Using Your Blog

If you already have a thriving blog, consider including old posts in your email autoresponder. Ensure the posts are still relevant to your target audience. New subscribers will find them interesting especially if you have never published them. Create a category for them to make it easy to locate them.

Popular Autoresponder Software


The software makes it easy to set up auto-response emails. It provides two ways of sending response emails to contacts. The first involves setting up a follow-up email using the form option on the website and the second (HubSpot’s Workflow) involves sending an automated email by subscribing to one of its plans. The second technique is pretty extensive as it allows the marketer to tailor the follow-up emails to ensure they are more personalized to the subscriber’s needs.

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