This is a test of Amazon’s Transcribe Program – there may be some funny stuff going on. 


Use Amazon transcribe medical to transcribe the Speech into text in real time.
Now, this is a very interesting application.
And it has a lot of different applications.
That can save you time.
It can save you money. It can save you time and money.

Really? Just free your mind.  Let go (flashes of Wim Hof).
And, uh,

And I don’t know how much it costs. Link for Pricing –

Uh huh.
There is a pricing chart. I’m sure – lol – see above

Uh, somewhere located on Amazon aws.
At console the eight of us dot amazon dot com.
And it really seems to be doing
Just about as good of a job.
As the rest of
Products that I’ve tried out.

Is, um, seen a number of mistakes.
We can go ahead and see if
Putting in a

Is going to be a better option.

Slow speech.
And deliberate pronunciation.
Well really aid in
Getting the job done.

If I decide to go ahead and speak a full sentence at normal rate will go ahead and find out if it can go ahead and keep up with the rate that I’m speaking that right now.

And it did pretty well for that portion of it.

So maybe it doesn’t like Teo [it keeps misspelling the word to – but I’ve had that problem on other platforms] have a lot of space is and gums and eyes.[supposed to be um’s and aaah’s]
And if I do a colloquialism[supposed to be um’s and aaah’s]
Such as homes and ours.[supposed to be um’s and aaah’s]
Laugh, laugh laugh.
It doesn’t recognize certain colloquialisms.
I get gums and eyes for arms and Oz.[supposed to be um’s and aaah’s]
No arms and eyes.[supposed to be um’s and aaah’s]
That’s for for for it Missed. [Should be four for four]
But that’s okay.

So what?

Why I came here –

I wanted to go ahead and
Discuss real quickly here is affiliate marketing.
And the potential that it has to go ahead and make in my life.
I have had a number of different attempts at  marketing online.
And some of them just haven’t really sat well with me for a number of reasons.

Some seem to be a little on the shaky side and I even joined up with them and really decided to do nothing with it.
And even though I wanted to go ahead and do something with it – I felt that some of the programs out there are self perpetuating – I mean that they get you to join only to promote the porduct that you joined into.

The fact that other people were getting shut down in similar programs also rubbed me the wrong way – I ran.

There are a couple of programs out there that I am beginning to work with right now that I’m really looking forward to which

Some of their highlights are:

More in line with normal products.
And this is something that I am really hopeful on. But it’s going to take a lot more than just being hopeful.

There’s a lot of dedication – time and effort and work involved with it. It can’t be overstated that it’s not a get rich scheme.

There’s a lot of creativity involved with it. There’s a lot of learning involved with it. I’m really looking forward to the aspects of
working on the computer and working with the databases and working in a creative manner and finding out new information.
And working with certain teams.
But – Right now. I’m gonna go ahead and consider this a day 1 May 15th, 2020

Catch up with you soon.